Would a question about the best answer to a standard interview question be on topic here?


I would say no to specific, task related questions meant to demonstrate competance like;

  • How do you do X in excel?
  • How do you design a program for maximum concurrency?
  • Your truck has started to hydroplane, what do you do?

Questions like these are specific to certain jobs and require domain expertise. I think the only "interview questions" that would be on topic would be related to general workplace matters, for instance:

I'm also not a fan of the "Which floor do you drop an egg from" or "How many basketballs will fit in this room" questions. They're more of a gray area than the the above question sets. I'd lean towards not allowing them, myself. If the question is just "answer this specific question with a specific answer" I don't think that's really useful; what's more useful is "What is the interviewer hoping to learn from my answer to this?"

Basically my criteria would be that answers should teach you how to respond, not just an exact answer to regurgitate. There aren't right answers for these kinds of interview questions, but answers which show how X applicant is appropriate/inappropriate either for Company Y or Job Z

  • 5 Years is exactly the one I had in mind :o) Feb 8 '13 at 19:42

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