The tag should be burninated, and here is why you should agree!

The purpose of The Workplace is to answer difficult questions that people have about (not surprisingly) their workplace.

So therefore it stands to reason that every question that is on-topic should be, in some way, about the job that person has, or is trying to get. Be it interviewing for a job, a question about the management at your job, a question about receiving a promotion in your job, a question about changing jobs or, heaven forbid, quitting your job.

The recurring theme around all of these on topic question is that it revolves around the idea of a job, therefore isn't it right to assume that every question, by default, should have a job tag? I certainly think so, and because it would be applied to everything it really needs to be applied to nothing and just assumed its there.

Let's have a look at what we would lose by burninating this tag.

Questions with this tag: 16

Questions with this tag that are open: 7

Followers of this tag: 0

Tag Wiki: Empty

hmm, so we have a less than 50% open rate, no followers, and no description. This lack of description is meaning that the tag is being applied to all manner of things across the board from speaking to employees in private in a job interview to convincing an employer you are worth hiring despite being overqualified


So far I am yet to see a question that benefits from this tag. Nobody follows the tag, it has no description and every question that has this tag, could have it removed / replaced by a better tag with no detriment to the question.

Case closed, let the burnination begin!

In all serious, if you think I am wrong in my judgement please don't hesitate to point it out to me, if the tag can be saved, given a good description and retroactively applied without it covering every single on topic question then please feel free to suggest it!


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Please care for the widows and orphans!


One reason this tag might be good, some questions here are about the process applying for a job and some are more about the actual job itself.

That being said, this distinction is so minor I don't think anyone is going to correctly apply it. I can safely say I'm not going to bother being the tag police for it, at least...

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    Hi @enderland, I'm thinking this is really way too broad. The following phrases come to mind: Applying for a job, doing a job, quitting a job, researching a job, hiring for a job. That tag could lead to a lot of confusion about when to use it and when not to use it.
    – jmort253
    Sep 7, 2013 at 3:32

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