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I've seen it a few times, the term 'recruiter' being used to refer to the hiring manager at the employing firm.

My understanding is that a recruiter is someone who works independently of the employer, acting as a middleman to find talent for the employer to interview.

Is my understanding correct, if so, and what term should be used here instead?

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There are two kinds of recruiters (at least in my experience in the US). Third-party recruiters are (or work for) independent agents that have both companies and job-seekers as clients; they win when they match these up, and they work on commission. This is the more common use of the term.

But some companies also have in-house recruiters, people who work for that company and have, as a primary job function, finding and filtering candidates for open positions. They may be salaried employees. My last employer had such a person, and Google has several (judging from my LinkedIn mail); those are but two data points. So it's not correct to say that a recruiter always works independently of the employer.

All that said, the recruiter is definitely different from the hiring manager. This case sounds like a mistake. Feel free to offer an edit to the post to correct the reference.

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