Can we get data similar to one quoted here but closer approximating hot questions, that is limited to ones with over 1-2K views? And preferably not limited to 180 days.

Asked here per advice at MSE.

For your convenience, data referred above is also quoted here (voting on deleted posts is included). Note this data doesn't take into account whether question was in the hot list:

Defining "outsider votes" as votes cast by someone who hasn't yet earned even 15 reputation on the site at the time the vote was cast

And looking at all votes cast during the past 180 days

We'll define "outsider agreement" as a case where outsider votes on a post are > 0 and insider (folks who've earned >= 15 rep on the site) upvotes - insider downvotes are also > 0

We'll define "outsider disagreement" as a case where outsider votes on a post are > 0 and insider votes are < 0

Cases of outsider agreement: 2,680

Cases of outsider disagreement: 277

Cases where the insiders' votes would've brought a post's score < 0, but outsider votes were present in sufficient quantity to make the post's score positive: 147

Total posts voted on by outsiders in the past 180 days: 3870

Total posts voted on by insiders in the past 180 days: 7186

Total posts voted on by both groups in the past 180 days: 3053

Q: What is the difference between outsider disagreement (277) and insider negative but for outside votes (147)?

A: So... Imagine you & I see an answer & we both downvote it. It's at -2. Then 3 people come in with nothing but the association bonus and up-vote it. It's at +1. There are 147 cases like that

Now imagine @enderland and @RhysW both downvote the same answer, so it's at -1 again. There are 277 cases like that.

Total insider votes during the past 180 days: 29,479

Total outsider votes during the past 180 days: 12,837

Q: am I reading this right -- there were ~700 posts that only outsiders voted on (insiders didn't)?

A: something like that

I'm not breaking this down any further right now, but a really common case for that involves answers to questions being upvoted by the asker

Q: Ok, so if I'm reading all this right, we have significant "outside" participation, but only in 5-10% of cases does that participation disagree with the community.

A: Right. And if you consider that even most of those 5-10% are "controversial" in the sense that they're getting both up-votes and down-votes from insiders, you can see there's a lot to be gained from community education.

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Ok, so these numbers are for the entire history of the site and include all posts - questions, answers, deleted, closed, whatever. It does not, for what should be obvious reasons, include deleted/retracted votes.

  • Posts with outsider agreement: 8673

  • Posts with outsider disagreement: 685

  • Posts where outsider + insider upvotes overrode insider downvotes: 76

  • Total outsider-voted posts: 10046

  • Total insider-voted posts: 18346

  • Total insider + outsider voted posts: 9657

  • Total outsider votes: 40171

  • Total insider votes: 105718

Ok. So that's a good baseline. Now, here are the numbers for questions that got at least 1K views:

  • Posts with outsider agreement: 1023

  • Posts with outsider disagreement: 15

  • Posts where outsider + insider upvotes overrode insider downvotes: 2

  • Total outsider-voted posts: 1055

  • Total insider-voted posts: 1210

  • Total insider + outsider voted posts: 1054

  • Total outsider votes: 8964

  • Total insider votes: 15639

  • BTW: those two "outsiders override insiders" posts in the 1K+ club? 1 and 2. Probably important to remember that, at one point, everyone here was an outsider...
    – Shog9
    Commented May 11, 2014 at 23:25
  • Things that popped out (not making judgment calls, just saying what I noticed): outsiders voted on 87% of 1k+ view posts, and only 55% of posts overall. Outsiders were 27% of votes on all posts, but 36% of votes on 1k+ view posts. Of course, they agreed with the community most of the time in both cases, but there certainly is more outsider participation on the higher-view posts.
    – jmac
    Commented May 12, 2014 at 8:33
  • @jmac per my reading, this data suggests that in hot questions, outsider voting rather closely follows one from insiders. Meaning, whatever problems we experience with these (1, 2), "outsider disagreement" is probably not one of them (it seems to be more an issue in regular questions - 685-15=670 cases, but we as community would better be able to handle that ourselves)
    – gnat
    Commented May 12, 2014 at 18:10
  • Probably also worth noting that 1207 of the 3530 questions asked by new users here have been asked by folks with an association bonus - therefore, that's 1207 "outsiders" able and motivated to vote. On other sites, we tend to see a lot of the "disagreement" arising from questions that no one really cares about except for one or two insiders and the asker.
    – Shog9
    Commented May 12, 2014 at 18:21
  • @Shog9 one can argue that "able and motivated" doesn't necessarily mean "qualified". Unfortunately, problems involving association bonus are barely noticeable at Stack Overflow, which likely explains why related feature request is status-ignored
    – gnat
    Commented May 12, 2014 at 18:56

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