When sorting the questions on the main site by the number of votes, the sorting is not done correctly. What I mean is that a single page will contain questions from x votes up until y votes (where x and y are very very far apart, something like +50 and -10).

Steps to reproduce:

  • go to the main site
  • click on "Questions"
  • click on "votes", to sort them by votes
  • go, for example to page 6 (in my case, 15 questions per page is selected)
  • see that the top of the page has a question with score +48, at the bottom there is one with score -8 (minus eight)
  • go to the next page (7), the questions should have a score less than or equal to -8. Instead, they start with score +45.

I looked at 2 other StackExchange sites and couldn't reproduce the problem, so it must be specific to The Workplace.

  • That is...odd...I get the same behavior. Let's blame caching! (until a dev or community manager clears this up, then let's kill the messenger!)
    – jmac
    May 28, 2014 at 14:31


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