Seems that everytime I disagree with someone, a serial downvoting binge is launched. I thought this was a forum for "professionals". I guess I was wrong:

-2 47 mins ago downvote Addressing burnout when applying for a new job

-2 47 mins ago downvote Convincing my manager to let me work from home

-2 48 mins ago downvote My boss gave me everyone's pay by mistake and mine is lower, how can I increase it?

-2 48 mins ago downvote How do I ask for a higher compensation when the work I'm doing is meant for higher ranks?

-2 57 mins ago downvote Should I hand in my resignation at the end of the month or when I decide to leave?

-2 58 mins ago downvote Implications of refusing a 'software engineer' role working for people who were forced to hire me?

-2 1 hour ago downvote How can I ensure future coworkers do not see my break schedule as laziness?

-2 1 hour ago downvote How to deal with unskilled co-workers?

-2 1 hour ago downvote Professionalism and Rejecting Job Offers

-2 1 hour ago downvote What to do after being passed over for a promotion

-2 1 hour ago downvote How/where can I get external feedback for improving programming style and general work habits?

-2 1 hour ago downvote Can a “not-so-good” project on a resume hurt my chances?

-4 26 mins ago 2 events How should students applying for internships/co-ops mention classes they have taken and the things they accomplished in class?

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    Its understandable to be annoyed, however most downvoting-sprees are the result of one individual, and not the community as a whole. As phrased, your post reads as a rant aimed at the community as a whole, and will likely get downvoted and/or closed.
    – Rachel
    Aug 6 '14 at 17:44
  • @Rachel - since the downvoter(s)? choose to disappear within the crowd and are permitted to do so, IMO we is appropriate. It doesn't necessarily mean everyone in the community, but members who have chosen to hide themselves within the community and cannot be identified otherwise.
    – Vector
    Aug 6 '14 at 18:11

If this is from serial downvoting, I wouldn't worry too much about it because it should be reversed within 24 hours.

Here is the official explanation of the serial voting reversal functionality.

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