The question What is the best way to arrange three desks so we don't kick each other? was recommended for migration to the Workplace.

Should questions about how to arrange office space or desks for optimal employee communication, effectiveness, or minimal tension be on-topic here?

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Sounds just fine to me. The focus is on a workplace issue and it's quite definitely answerable; in fact it already has good answers from users of an absolutely fabulous site! Normally I wouldn't migrate old questions, but this one isn't that old and is not a poor question (in my opinion).

We've already pretty much agreed that furniture related questions are okay as long as they relate to Workplace related issues in Are questions about office furniture off topic? and I don't think this situation is much different. We also have an tag where this would fit just fine.

I've migrated the question.

  • Nice. I was actually going to ask a question along these lines yesterday (more related to general facilities management, but related to the question in question).
    – user206
    Jun 17, 2012 at 3:35

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