My question had been put on hold: closed as too broad by ...


I've edited the question and then add a comment for the people who closed the question to help me re activate the question.

No reaction so far.

Can somebody explain me what I should do please?



I edited your post to focus on the problem you're facing. In its current form, it's asking a very open-ended question.

In this case I'd recommend adding more details to narrow down the problem. Perhaps you can describe in a paragraph or two why you felt unprepared in the first coaching session. Tell us what worked and what didn't work. At the end, just make sure you're asking a specific question and avoid being too open ended. Let us know if you need any more editing help.

  • I'm a bit confused. 1- Why is it not allowed to have an open ended question? The answers (I believe) could well be pointers or thought to go on the right direction. 2- I've edited my question again, and waited.... Why is it still closed? Feb 24 '15 at 15:06

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