Something or other brought this old thread to my attention recently, which made me notice that it had been algorithmically converted to community wiki less than a month before that functionality was disabled. Anyway, I flagged it for moderator attention, as it doesn't strike me as a particularly collaborative effort (only one of the question's edits is really substantiall) and I generally dislike community wiki after having put up with its being triggered by a very imperfect algorithm over at my "home" Stack Exchange site for a few years.

Anyway, one of the friendly neighborhood moderators responded to my flag by requesting that I pose the question on meta to see what the community thinks.

So, what do you think?

Yes or no to removing the community wiki status on the question in question?

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I don't see any reason to leave that as Community Wiki so I've removed that from the question and all the answers. (I had to do that one post at a time, so if I managed to miss any, please flag pointing it out and we'll get it fixed.)


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