How can we draft better profile for CV?

Is this sort of question permissible?


Workplace SE is not a resumé review site; therefore, this question is off topic. It is also too broad for Stack Exchange.

However, the list of topics for Workplace SE does say that questions about resumés and CV's are on topic, but the questions would have to be well scoped and more specific than an overall review.

I put the post on hold and left a comment on the question-asker's post with suggestions to focus on something more specific. I also suggested using our chat, as folks may be able to better help in a real time format, considering the language barriers.


If the question is to ask for a rewrite of the resume it has to be off topic.


  • It would only be applicable to one person;
  • it would be impossible to know which answer was better.
  • we don't have enough information about their job history to be able to do more than grammar and punctuation changes, unless we asked them a lot more questions.

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