I like to delete comments after a few days, so that I don't contribute to our "Comments Problem".

But I can't delete any comment when the associated question is On Hold or locked. Thus, I end up with a batch of un-deletable comments like Could Wearing My Star of David Be Bad for Career?.

I'm wondering why the delete feature works this way? A bug? A feature? Can it be changed? Seems odd to me.


Questions which are migrated to here but get closed end up locked (feature? bug?). It is considered a rejected migration.

Most of our locked questions are locked as a result of this.

Locked questions prevent everything. Edits, comments, deleting, flagging, etc.

As an FYI, too, regarding locked questions, they are hard to really do anything with because of this. If there are questions you feel could be edited into on-topic feel free to post them either on meta or in chat. As moderators we can unlock them (even rejected migrations).

  • I had not noticed that the star-of-david question was locked, and I've just unlocked it. In particular, it's unfortunate that it was blocked from edits -- sorry folks; didn't notice. Nov 4 '15 at 23:26

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