I would like the SE community to vote on reopening this question: How to deal with a coworker who makes hateful comments about my religion?

I felt this original reason for being put on hold was the focus on the comments made on social media which is indeed off - topic for The Workplace. My edit a few minutes ago re-focused the question on the work-place and the OP's desired outcome: To have the offensive behavior immediately cease. I also addressed why the OP would like to speak up: Because he finds the behavior offensive, unprofessional and wholly unbecoming of a coworker in a professional workplace.

I am not able to add an additional answer due to the question being on hold.

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    Aside: the question is now reopened. Commented Dec 1, 2015 at 12:02

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(Voted to re-open)

I am an Indian, and have faced this problem of hatred towards my faith. Having been there, I would like to add an answer. (Discussed with @Enderland on chat, but seems like the answers there are from a non-Indian point of view.)

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