How do you explain to your boss they're wrong without making them feel threatened?

This is a pretty old question, dating back to June 2013. It got a lot of traction and is now up to 15 answers. But the weird thing I'm seeing is that it was converted into a Community Wiki question two days after being posted, as seen in the Revision history.

This conversion was presumably automatic because it says it was done by a new user who posted an answer on the question at the same time (18:48).

But I'm wondering why this conversion triggered. As I understand it, none of the conditions for automatic wiki were met (30 answers, 10+ edits on a single post)?

I think it may be due to a lower CW limit for smaller sites. This comment on a blog post mention a 15 answer trigger for SuperUser, but I can't find any sources to back this up.


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Back when automatic conversion to community wiki was a thing, the threshold on The Workplace was set to 15 rather than the 30 seen on much of the rest of the network. See the discussion there for the background.

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