The company I work for recently moved to a new, much bigger office. This means we now have a rather big room where most of us sit and work in one half (there's also a kitchenette with a few coffee tables), but on the other side there is a 4x10m area with no furniture "yet" (except a couch), and nobody ever really goes there because there's no reason to. It's just a void.

What's a good use for such an area? What's a fun use for such an area? Ideally, it should be something that invites fun and positivity, but not something that distracts us when we're working.

I haven't asked about a "fun budget" so I guess low-cost ideas are preferable, or ones that can be "undone" relatively easily.


I can't think of any Stack Exchange site that this will fit into. Not because there isn't necessarily a site for the topic, but because your question is primarily opinion based.

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