Here are two screenshots.
The first is Tag excerpt as it displays for me. Note there's only the last word rendered.
The second one is a tooltip for the same tag. Everything is fine.

Tag Excerpt Tag Excerpt Tooltip

Is it a bug?
Environment: Windows7, Firefox v.3.6 and Chrome v.21. Attempted to use clean profiles for both to avoid any plug-ins clashes.


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It is indeed cut the way you describe.

It looks like a little too simplistic heuristics here that cuts stuff prior to first "is" or "are".

I've seen this work well with link-only-answers tag at Meta Stack Overflow where it cuts off "answers that are" and displays excerpt as "barely more than a link to some URL".

Workaround is to reword tag wiki excerpt to something like:

salary is how much someone is paid

Above should cut excerpt at first is but the remainder will look reasonable: "how much someone is paid".

I am calling this "workaround" though maybe it's the way how things are intended to work - searching through tag-wiki-excerpt questions at MSO did not bring me any information on that.


wiki excerpt has been changed as proposed above, so that it is now rendered better:


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    Good point; it seems to me that the above algorithm is a total nonsense! :) Sep 8, 2012 at 8:43

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