I recently asked a question and received some great answers that guided me to handle the situation.

Today (some days later), after addressing the problem with the person involved, I have some new details on the source of the problem and the outcome the way it was handled. I consider those details relevant, as they reflect that the interpretation of the answerers was indeed correct, and I intend to add those details as a follow up to the question so it is documented and helps future users.

Question: Is there is a standard way to do this? Or if there is not, what would be the best thing to do? I have seen in this and other SE networks that sometimes users edit their questions and add an "Update:..." section where they explain those follow up details that they also consider useful. This I consider most appropriate.

However, searching some old posts I found a feature request titled Follow up section on a question, where some users argue against that request in favor of either write a blog post (too complex for just wanting to add some details) or add a question to my own answer (my question is already answered and the details themselves are not a valid answer).

Another option could be to add a comment with the details, but doing that may result in not giving enough relevance to them and also end up with an unnecessary long comment (even longer than permitted). How could I approach this situation?

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    Yeah, I think what @MaskedMan suggested is probably your best bet.
    – enderland
    Jul 28 '17 at 20:21

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