What can I do at work when I have no work?

This post is roughly "I've unsuccessfully tried everything to get more work, what do I do with my time?"

As such, the answers, especially the top-voted one, don't really focus on what one should actually try to get more "official" work and instead mostly advise to just give up and do other self-improvement things.

Then questions like the following are closed as duplicates, despite the advice being wildly inappropriate for that situation: (since finding more "official" work is very much core to the advice given there)

What should be done here?

Do we have a more general post on this which can be used as a reference post instead?

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    I agree, the usual advice doesn't apply, as it is "go find more work" or "talk to your boss", et cetera. This one is more "what do I do when I've exhausted all of these options. – Old_Lamplighter Aug 17 '17 at 12:07

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