Hi this Q about how to quit after an apprenticeship is not a duplicate as the relationship between the employer (master) is quite different to a normal employer employee one.

Additionally it is very country dependant and in some instances still has hold overs from their medieval roots

How to quit right after an apprenticeship

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This question has been reopened.

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Edit: This question has been reopened.

I agree with it not being a duplicate of those questions, voting to open. Let's see what others think about it.

However do notice that even though the post is probably not a dupe of the linked questions you may still find useful the answers given in those. Specially the first one, one suggesting how to tell your boss you quit, as the closed post seems to be asking that in a way (still, quitting an apprenticeship is not the same as quitting other forms of jobs, so different answers may apply).

The other marked dupe (quit when critical staff member) is more clearly quite different to the closed question and I consider it is not really a dupe of the post.

If you mention that this is "country specific" then propper tagging should be included in the question so answerers can address that situation. Probably the post could use some extra love edits to focus more on important details like the fact there is no clauses in contract requiring to stay working after the degree, and the one month notice that is in the OP's contract (I'll try the edits tomorrow if no one else has taken a shot on them).

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  • As of now it has already 3 reopen votes, missing other 2 – DarkCygnus Sep 21 '17 at 4:38
  • It is now reopened – DarkCygnus Sep 21 '17 at 13:23

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