We currently have the tags and .

That's really too many tags, and many are being used interchangably. I initially intended "salary" to refer to issues specific to salaried payments, as opposed to hourly payments, but that just hasn't happened.

I think all "money I am paid for doing my job" questions should be bundled into one tag, IMO is best for that. All non-payment issues about giving an employee money, as in benefits, should be tagged . Questions dealing with spending company money should be tagged . Asking about increased pay (not benefits) should be I don't really see any useful, common distinction beyond that.

Better ideas? Is this okay? What should we do here?

I killed by retagging those questions manually, it's too vague to make a synonym. I synonymized and to for now, that seems to be the consensus. and are all fine by me, but they need tag wikis/excerpts to define their proper use.

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  • Interesting. I submitted a potential wiki description for money only yesterday, because of precisely this issue. Also mentioned it in a question on meta.stackoverflow - is this in response to either of those? – itsbruce Oct 24 '12 at 8:49
  • @itsbruce not directly, though I did happen to notice "money" and remembered an earlier issue of salary vs pay/payment. – Rarity Oct 24 '12 at 16:37

Use to indicate questions related to "money I'm being paid." might be a "most correct" term but I disagree on using it because it is not the most straightforward to users unfamiliar with this site.

Probably 99% of users coming to this site will instinctively think to search or tag questions with vs , as well as what almost all people will search via google.

I also think is a valid tag as it pertains to another specific set of things people will be looking to try to do.

Leave as that is also a specific and unique thing. Get rid of , , and .

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  • I'm okay with this. I forgot to mention raise; it's yet another money tag but like you say it's a distinct problem. Current pay, payment and salary are not distinct. – Rarity Oct 23 '12 at 13:18

On this one, I'm thinking a basic strategy is to go with what's intuitive. Current usage says:

- 41 questions

- 3 - 1 about salary, 2 about other types of money that isn't payment for work

- 6 - none overlap with salary, but look like they could be fused with salary

- 5 - does overlap with pay - also refers in usage to payment for work

- 2 - neither of which relate to negotiation, or of compensation

- 3 - seems mostly about transfer of money for conditions that are not classic salary or payment - like travel costs or other "expense account" type issues

- 3 - cases of increasing payment for work within an existing job.

Give the love of as a tag, I'd say eliminate (fuse it into salary or expenses), (fuse into salary), (fuse into salary). Keep - non-monetary compensation for work, - money provided for incidental costs relating to or required by work, and - increases in salary within an existing job.

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  • +1 - this is similar to mine (except way prettier formatting) – enderland Oct 24 '12 at 16:28

It seems should be the tag for salary/wages, and should be a synonym. While this may be less intuitive for questions about hourly pay, I think it's a good fit.

We should keep to cover all non-monetary compensation to an employee.

It would be useful to keep around, covering questions about compy expenses or reimbursement by an employer for personally-paid expenses (such as parking or public transportation).

We should get rid of . It's a bit broad, and could cover salary (covered by ), expenses (covered by ), or investment/financing (off-topic). Similarly, strikes me as "a payment" more so than "payment for services of an employee", and I suggest we get rid of it (or at least synonymize it with ).

Lastly, isn't really covered by , since it is also tied to promotions, performance, and changes in responsibility. However, I see no compelling reason why we can't broaden enough to include it other than potentially having a tag about negotiating (hiring, promotions, raises, etc).

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I suggest synonymizing a few of these

Compensation => salary pay and raise payment expenses benefits

Lets eliminate and ban the Money tag it does not belong here.

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