I was reading this comment and viewed the user's profile, the quote they've attached to their profile is a bit rude. Do we mind that?

If we don't want that, could an admin please update it to something nicer?


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It's a bit rude, and if it were in a post or comment gratuitously it'd be flag-worthy, but in general, SE lets people use their profiles as they like so long as they aren't blatantly offensive. The official guidance includes the following:

  1. Generally speaking, your "about me" is just that—what you want to share with the world, and we try to allow users a good bit of freedom there.
  2. However, in the rare cases where what's there is likely to be truly offensive to large groups of seemingly reasonable people, we may not allow it.

And this expansion:

We will probably not allow:

  • Most terms or statements that directly malign (non-famous) individuals
  • Any terms or statements that imply something derogatory about a racial, ethnic, religious, gender or sexual orientation group
  • Things that are likely to be strong emotional triggers (like rape, suicide, etc.)
  • Statements that appear to be demonstrably libelous

We will probably allow:

  • Things groups or individuals would vehemently disagree with, but don't seem to directly malign them.

The text in the profile in question is: "I dun hacked into your shit, bitch!" Mild profanity has been allowed to stand in profiles before and it doesn't appear to be a specific attack against a person or group, so meh. If that's how this user wants to present himself to the world, it's on him.

Thanks for raising the concern.

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