The question Annoying phone calls from coworkers who don't use our ticketing system was recently closed, with votes both because it is company-specific and that it requires an addressable goal.

I don't believe that either of these close reasons apply here. The question states that the company has a ticketing system and people aren't using it. The question is then how to get people to use it, which is completely answerable. I did reword the final question after some people had already voted, so their reasoning may not apply anymore.

There are a couple similar questions out there (How can I convince my colleague to call the help desk instead of contacting me directly?) so this type of question is on-topic. I also don't think this is a duplicate because the linked question really focuses more on the personal conflict between two employees, not on people simply trying to sidestep the process.

I would like to request that this question be reopened.


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Question has been reopened now after a small edit.

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