I have a question about my The Workplace Stack Exchange post: How to tell someone politely that they are barking up the wrong tree?

The question is put on hold, how can I improve it?

  • Welcome to Workplace SE! Richard U's answer gives you some good tips for improving the question. The How to Ask pages give some more general info but I don't think you'd go too far wrong with what Richard suggests.
    – motosubatsu Mod
    Jan 23, 2019 at 15:51
  • FWIW, the post is now open again :)
    – DarkCygnus Mod
    Jan 23, 2019 at 21:08

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The best way would be to give a bit more detail, use more professional terminology, explain things a bit, and state your goal clearly.

You posted:

R&D: MIS, something wrong, please rectify.

MIS: HR, MIS need to XYZ, please advise.

HR: Hi Finance, please advise so MIS can proceed to solve the issue.

R&D: MIS, is this issue resolve?

Everyone is in the email loop.

It's pretty easy to tell it's pending for response from Finance, but R&D asking for response from MIS instead.

How do MIS tell R&D politely that they are barking up the wrong tree?

You might want to do something like this.

How do I point out, in a professional manner, that someone in an email chain has made a mistake?

then, go on like this.

R&D sent us an email, and included HR & finance. HR responded and instructed finance to authorize payment so that we could proceed.

R&D followed up in the email chain asking if we had resolved the issue before Finance had even responded.

How can I politely inform the person in R&D that we are still waiting for a response.

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