Recently it came to my attention that we have both and tags.

The first one has currently 676 questions and a brief excerpt, but the other one has only 38 posts and lacks an excerpt and wiki.

As I see it, having both tags seems redundant; it would seem adequate to keep only tag. Also, having both tags is confusing, and results in misuse of such (currently, I see that the tags are used arbitrarily and even both at the same time).

Should we proceed to retag/merge to ? If we reach a consensus I can gladly do the re-tagging.

An alternative I can think is to make a synonym, so points to . In that case, we would require to reach consensus and to propose and vote on the synonimization.

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Support. Seems like an obvious synonym. Note that there are automated systems in place for a community-led synonym to be created but not for merges. If consensus here is positive just flag this question for moderator attention though I expect one of us will get around to this when they see it later.

EDIT This is now done. Not too much visibility on this question but no negative responses so that's consensus to me.

updating post history, 43 rows affected (pipe delimited)

updating posts, 38 rows affected (pipe delimited)

updating PostTags associations, 22 rows affected

destroying 'applying': [applying] removed from (0 post, 0 history, 1 tag)

total: 1 tags deleted, 0 posts modified, 0 post histories modified

0 history records had empty tags; retagged to [untagged]

0 post records had empty tags; retagged to [untagged]

updating count for target tag, new count: 699

tag remapping of [applications] and [applying] complete!

remapping 0 synonyms

1 favorite and ignored tags remapped!

0 tracked tag badges were remapped!

Deleting Synonym applying -> job-search

Tag Synonym applying -> applications was approved!


Yes, please do this! I had previously submitted a synonym request to map to before realizing that was a better fit. If we do this via community rather than moderators, I think that synonym will need to first be down-voted so it can be removed.

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    That synonym was deleted as part of the merge (log on my answer).
    – Lilienthal Mod
    Commented Aug 5, 2019 at 19:22

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