This question has no answers, but I am banned from answering bc it is supposedly highly active. How is that?

Joining open source projects

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    This is something to ask on meta. – Tymoteusz Paul Mar 28 at 19:37
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    it has no answers you can see. One reason a question gets protected is that it attracts low quality answers, which are deleted. For more, wait until your question migrates to meta where you can get a complete answer. – Kate Gregory Mar 28 at 19:45
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    Whats meta? How do I post there? – Steve Oleary Mar 28 at 19:49
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    That question attracted some spammy answers. They were deleted, which is why you cannot see then. – Matthew Gaiser Mar 28 at 21:40
  • I had wondered why open source tends to be buggy, poorly thought out rubbish, now starting to get a clearer picture, it's done by beginners trying to learn for free. I think I'll start counting open source contributions as a black mark against applicants. – Kilisi Mar 28 at 22:56

What you were seeing there is a Protected Question. This meta thread describes what that means.

Questions can be automatically protected in the scenarios described here:

...protection only kicks in:

The question attracted two spam answers which trigger automatic protection. Another user has since removed this protection.

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