I just saw above an answer a banner I did not see before:

enter image description here

When is this banner triggered? Is this a specific flag placed on the answer (manually by someone)? (It is certainly not automatic as plenty of answers do not have any links/sources/citations.)

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  • In this specific instance I applied the notice along with a comment since on first reading it sounded like the answer disagreed with the others. A few comments and flags also read it the same way. The answer actually is in line with the others, it just has a different take on "force". But since the answer is still incredibly bare-bones and lacking meaningful detail I have kept the notice in place. – Lilienthal May 31 at 19:21

This is a post notice. They can only be added (and removed) by ♦ moderators. The Workplace has three 'standard' answer notices and a fourth Workplace-specific one, as can be seen in the Data Explorer; this is the 'Needs citation' one.

I'm a moderator on three other sites in the network, and sometimes add these if a post gets flagged as very low quality but might be salvageable with some editing by either the author of the post or the community.

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