I have a question that I want to ask, but I don't know if it would be too subjective. Can I get an opinion as to whether or not this would be allowed? text below:

I applied for a couple of positions at different companies that I would like to work for, but after multiple interviews, didn't get either position. However, feedback was overwhelmingly positive, so about a month after, I noticed that the positions were still open, and I contacted the hiring managers to see if I could re-apply. They didn't have anything for me, but wanted me to keep in touch as I was able to show my commitment to improving and making myself better for their needs. Now, I want to send a keep-in-touch email to them, to ask about new positions they may know of, or if they could use me in some position. However, I don't know how to write this up without sounding awkward. Does anyone know of any templates I can use?

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I would phrase it thusly:

TITLE: What is the appropriate way to follow up with employers

This happened with several companies:

  • I had applied for a position
  • interviews went well
  • Feedback was positive
  • Didn't get job
  • Position was still open

After reaching out to managers, they asked me to keep in touch as I improve myself.

How should I structure follow up emails for this purpose? Is there any standard I should follow

Brief questions tend to get answered more quickly, and fully.

That said, it's absolutely on topic

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