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"Quit your job" as the answer to everything

Maybe I am just starting to notice it lately but it seems like all sorts of questions have been receiving the corporate equivalents of "hit the gym, lawyer up, delete facebook" much more often ...
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Is The Workplace unwelcoming?

I've used different sites in the network and have found their communities to feel quite different. Stack Overflow can feel overwhelmed with the number of questions (especially bad ones) being asked ...
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When asked 'How can I foo the bar?' is 'Don't foo the bar' an appropriate answer?

On Cleaning Up Bad Answers on Popular Questions a comment by Yamikurone says: There seems to be a flood of "Not an answer" flags on answers on this post. Many of the answers so flagged were,...
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is "that's not your job" helpful?

I have read alot of great questions and answers on workplace, and usually learn something worthwhile. Out of all the SE sites I find myself coming back here most often, due to the high quality of ...
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We need to downvote answers more (even mediocre ones)

I propose that: This site's core users MUST much more frequently downvote answers even if they are "only" mediocre or we are going to face a consistent decrease in quality because (each of these is ...
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"Should I quit?"

We've got a lot of quitters. It's a fact of life that sometimes you do need to resign, and there are real, generally applicable problems around resignation. The problem with asking about the decision ...
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Bad behavior on StackExchange - the Workplace

I'm ranking 8th place for the year on another StackExchange forum and I like to help people. I don't consider myself a troll. But it looks like "THE WORKPLACE" here is inhabited by people who are ...
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Being More Aggressive about "Just Quit" Comments/Answers

We have had a discussion in the past about whether or not 'Quit Your Job' is an acceptable answer. I have been noticing this in comments quite a bit. This is the one that caught my attention spurring ...
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Demographics about TW users would be helpful for interpreting & answering questions. Possible to share?

The Workplace is different from Stack Overflow or other technical sites in the SE network in that workplace norms, and thus our answers, vary between geographies, industries, and roles. The ...
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Community moderation comments template

AutoReviewComments - Pro-forma comments for Workplace SE CMW asked for a list of the links that we oftentimes drop in comments. I started using the Pro-forma comments Stack Apps script to increase my ...
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What should we do with answers on the "resign and leave immediately" question?

How do I go about resigning in a company that doesn't allow two weeks' notice? is a popular question -- 12k views, question at +64, top answer at +110, 10 answers. A couple of the answers ...
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Is our policy adequate to our quality standards?

I witnessed a common phenomenomn where an objectively poor quality answer gets widely upvoted because people believe it's funny or because they approve people being salty toward OP. I identify poor ...
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When should I flag an answer as 'Not an Answer'?

The Workplace seems pretty subjective. There are guidelines for Good Subjective, Bad Subjective Questions, but what are the guidelines for answers? When should I flag an answer as 'Not an Answer'?
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In the answer "look for a new job" used too often?

Very often this answer is given, and sometimes it is clear that it is not the answer the OP is looking for. How to deal with this? Flag or downvote or is it just ok as an answer, even if it's generic?...
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Too quick to put questions on hold? [duplicate]

I think often a question is downvoted/put on hold/closed because it: Has a simple answer that seems obvious not warranting a 'real answer'. (In which case, just answer the question!). Applies to ...
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