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Reasoning for answer deletion?

My answer to a question was deleted here. The reasoning for deletion is: Help Center > Answering Why and how are some answers deleted? Answers that do not fundamentally answer the question may be ...
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Is this a constructive question or is there a problem with the answers? What can be done to make it constructive or fix the answers?

I posted this here instead of on the question itself so that we could discuss the question without littering the post itself with meta debate. David Weir is a new user, and this could be a good ...
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Do comments that say "this doesn't add value", add value?

I've been on Stack Exchange sites for years, and just in the last week or so I've gotten four comments on answers I've posted that basically say "this answer doesn't add any value" or "this doesn't ...
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This question is objectively opinion based but isn't being flagged due to it's easy to answer nature

The question in topic is If or How to answer compliments from boss at work and what I will say is that I will probably flag this as primarily opinion based as well.. It is. As per the question it asks ...
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When there are many answers already, help me check that mine won't repeat others

When posting my answer I check that it doesn't repeat others as required by our FAQ. In current UI, this becomes difficult when question already has many answers. I would want that questions with 10 ...
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Community moderation comments template

AutoReviewComments - Pro-forma comments for Workplace SE CMW asked for a list of the links that we oftentimes drop in comments. I started using the Pro-forma comments Stack Apps script to increase my ...
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Has answer quality improved since the early days of this site?

This site's Spring launch was marred with a lot of poor, short, not very helpful answers. Forum level, discussion type answers where an upvote more often meant "I agree" as opposed to "This is useful."...
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Improving the Help Center (take two)

So prior to becoming a mod, I really wanted to update the help center. Unfortunately, we only have access to the on-topic section for free editing by default. We had a brief chit-chat amongst the mods,...
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When should I flag an answer as 'Not an Answer'?

The Workplace seems pretty subjective. There are guidelines for Good Subjective, Bad Subjective Questions, but what are the guidelines for answers? When should I flag an answer as 'Not an Answer'?
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What is off-topic about asking if it's unprofessional to wear headphones while at work?

My question here was put on hold because it was 'off-topic'. Is it unprofessional to listen to music while at work? Why is this? This question is.... About professionalism not about company ...
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Do we need expertise other than opinion?

As Rarity mentioned, many questions are not real questions or are not constructive (because every answer is equally valid and they are just asking for suggestions). If an "asking for suggestion" kind ...
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What to do after editing an answer that was deleted from the review queue?

I answered a question, which was put in the low quality review queue. I don't agree that it was low quality (and What are the guidelines for reviewing? seems to me to agree with me), but I edited it ...
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De-wiki this question?

I posted this question: How do you handle an interview for a candidate who is performing poorly? at the start of the year. It's still my best question, and one that I was reasonably proud of. It ...
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Delete reason for duplicate answers

Our Help Center for Answering explains that some answers are deleted because they are (emphasis mine): commentary on the question or other answers asking another, different question “thanks!”...
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Please curate the answers to the older-technologies question

How to attract people to work on very old and outdated technologies? currently has 31 (non-deleted) answers. Many of them appear to overlap a lot. Several of them are very short. We have a policy ...
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