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Is The Workplace unwelcoming?

I've used different sites in the network and have found their communities to feel quite different. Stack Overflow can feel overwhelmed with the number of questions (especially bad ones) being asked ...
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The Workplace is a worldwide site

Please remember: The Workplace is a worldwide site, and this means there are going to be some differences in context that we all need to be careful about. Language: The language of the site is ...
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Can we help users determine what is and isn't rude?

Can we help users determine what is a rude response? Often times I find myself flagging a user, thinking "I am glad I helped get this rude person off the site". I am given no feedback, so what am I to ...
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Bad behavior on StackExchange - the Workplace

I'm ranking 8th place for the year on another StackExchange forum and I like to help people. I don't consider myself a troll. But it looks like "THE WORKPLACE" here is inhabited by people who are ...
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Reason for deleting comments?

Several days ago (perhaps week before last?), I posted a comment on this answer: As closely as I can recall, my comment was: This answer is the ...
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Can we make the policy "Be Nice and Helpful"

From the dawn of this site we have struggled with problems conflict arising from different viewpoints and comment discussions that often digress into little more than ad hominem attacks. Most of ...
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What is wrong with comments?

Anytime a question or answer seems to have more than 5 comments, they get axed by the "comment" police. I notice one moderator seems to do this a lot more than they others. My question is this: ...
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What is the minimum language level required for a non-native speaker?

What is the level of English language skill one is expected to use on workplace.SE if one is not a native English speaker. Is the minimum bar so high that the members here are not able to enter into ...
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Shame on us! We must treat new users better! This user was not attempting to ask bad questions or question on how to exploit or get around the system. He was asking questions about ...
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I think some of my comments were removed - can I find out?

I seem to remember commenting on a question a day or two ago, but didn't see that comment when I visited it again today. I remember atleast one other time this happened in the past. Given what I ...
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