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Relevant question for thousands of German employees during the COVID-19 crisis was deleted [duplicate]

Disclaimer: I have written an upvoted answer to following question. This question was deleted by Community:
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What's the story with this user?

I refer you to one user's exceptionally exciting life: Jan 17: Gets fired by an intoxicated boss, but just went back to work anyway to find out he has a new manager Jan 26: Wasted a lot of ...
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Should anything be done about a user posting fake questions

I believe we have a user posting questions based on the plots of soap operas that are not broadcast in the US or Europe. Several of the questions have been popular though not really believable. Is ...
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Recent string of trolling questions

Recently we've had a large number of questions deleted because they were clearly trolling. Some examples (sorry, this is going to be all 10k+ links): New coworker demanding $10k, Autistic teenager, ...
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Delete votes and you!

I've noticed a number of our users have enough reputation to delete posts so I thought I'd write up a little primer. When can I vote to delete posts? Why would I vote to delete a Question? Why would ...
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This question seemed fair. What was wrong?

What was wrong with this question? The text of the question was: I prefer competition to collaboration. Is this compatible with a career in ...
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Why was the question on eating coworkers' lunch deleted?

The question Should I tell coworkers I have been eating their lunch due to a misunderstanding? has been recently deleted. I did call that question a "troll" in the past, but I changed my attitude ...
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What is our policy on spinoff questions?

There have been a number of instances when someone posted a question which was "inspired" by another question, especially questions thrown into the Sidebar Garbage Dump Hot Network Questions. The ...
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On Dealing With An Obvious Troll [duplicate]

What is the best way for me (an average Workplace user) to help the community deal with an obvious troll? It seems like the Workplace attracts an inordinate number of troll posts for some reason. ...
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why wasn't this question moved to

Client wants to reduce hourly rate at the start of a new project The gist of it has to do solely with billing rate and hours. It's even tagged "freelancing". I see nothing here that has to do with "...
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What's a good process to understand why a hot question was deleted?

The question at showed as a "Hot Network Question" and I was following it when it was suddenly deleted. Is there a way to understand why ...
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