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Presenting The "Worst" Accepted Answers

A comment in an answer asks for the "worst" accepted answers... so here they are. Presented without comment. This data is from a query I've copied and modified: https://data.stackexchange....
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2 answers

Is it ok to wait to accept an answer?

So, a few day ago I posted this question and it kind of blew up, way more than I expected, and I don't know what the best practice is for this situation. I find an answer that feel is the best one, ...
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What is wrong with the answer to this question?

My question is about the accepted answer to this question Former manager is asking for documentation I prepared as his employee. Personally, I think there is a better answer given by ...
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Should I always accept an answer on The Workplace?

I asked a question a couple of days ago, and thankfully I got great positive feedback for the situation I'm currently in. The issue or more like the dilemma is that I really can't accept just one ...
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How to handle answers which have been changed AFTER being accepted as the correct answer?

In particular How to ask for a job referral from a person you don't know? where the top answer was changed after criticism and surprise that it was the accepted answer. (Albeit the question title was ...
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Can we do something to inform users on "accepting" answers?

Too often in this board, there are good answers given with tons of upvotes, but the questioner rarely accepts the answer as the accepted answer, resulting in the person answering losing lots of ...
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