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2 answers

Is it ok to wait to accept an answer?

So, a few day ago I posted this question and it kind of blew up, way more than I expected, and I don't know what the best practice is for this situation. I find an answer that feel is the best one, ...
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"Two job offers/application processes" questions (Job A vs Job B) - there are a LOT

Is there anything we can do regarding the huge number of questions along the lines of: "I've been offered Job A and am waiting for an offer on Job B, can I accept Job A's offer and renege on it ...
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2 votes
2 answers

different questions with similar answers

I noticed that there are situations when different questions, with different contexts, have very similar answers. Question: Is it OK if I post a "generic" question and I also provide the answer to it?...
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6 answers

Is calling someone a "troll" against the Be Nice policy

Does being referred to as a troll or describing a person's behavior as trolling break the Be Nice policy? Specifically, does it constitute name-calling and assuming bad intentions?
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1 answer

Explain and downvote - Good Practice?

This is just a proposal, which I consider is a good practise, especially on WorkPlace. All the answers here are mostly opinions, advises and suggestions, which (in most cases) are sincere efforts to ...
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