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For questions about the bounty system, which allows users to spend some of their reputation in order to draw more attention to a question.

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Cannot give more than one bounty per question

I recently asked a question that gave me some rep points and I want to invest all those points on this answer I had 450+ rep, started a bounty and rewarded that answer and now that I have again 100+ ...
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Should we unprotect a question with an active bounty?

On one hand, protection limits responses to a question, which can work against the goal of the person awarding a bounty (assuming the purpose of the bounty is to elicit additional answers). On the ...
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How to award bounty on a dupe question?

I asked this question as an anonymous user (as can be seen). Now I want to reward Ertai87 for his answer that acted like a clear wake up call to me. However, the question was (incorrectly) flagged ...
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Bounties on Questions with Close Votes

I have been tempted and now have seen occasions where I thought answers on said questions with closed votes were worth a bounty. I just learned that a question cannot be closed while the bounty is ...
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Our highest voted answer "has not received enough attention"?

I recently noted that a bounty was offered on the question Is it unethical for me to not tell my employer I’ve automated my job? indicating that it has not received enough attention: I also noticed ...
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Is it possible to exceed the reputation cap if I have awarded a bounty?

Today I found an answer I want to award a bounty on. So once I was done, the system correctly immediately reduced my reputation by X amount. I was thinking I would be able to earn 200 rep + X but ...
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What exactly is Bounty for

I understand the concept of a bounty: If you’ve asked a good question, edited it with status and progress updates, and still are not receiving answers, you can draw attention to your question ...
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Awarding A Bounty

Is there a standard or best practice for us in terms of when ( how long after starting ) to award a bounty? I offered a bounty on a question ( the current one ), and I was hoping for better answers,...
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Why does a bounty suspend topicality?

There is a question that to me appears to be appears to be clearly off-topic in that it deals with regulations and legal matters. The name alone tells one that: Are revenue or profit sharing ...
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