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Locating comments moved to chat

So I add a comment to a question and I can track the question I commented on by digging into my profile and looking at my history. But it turns out that this was a contentious question and a large ...
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Is using the Chat as a form of litmus test for questions a good strategy?

Often times I have questions I'd like to ask on the Workplace, after going through the process of writing the question, I ask myself "wait, would this be a good question to ask?" If the question ...
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Comments are not for extended discussion - long-term solution discussion

Is seems like the mods here might be getting a bit frustrated with all the extended discussion going on in the comments. Is this accurate? This post is mostly going by the assumption that this is a ...
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What's the process for moving comments into chat?

I've seen on some occasions, either here or on other stack exchange sites, if I attempt to add a comment to a question / answer that's received many comments, an option that appears recommending to ...
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Is moderator chat separate from normal chat? How do I view it?

I saw a post on the workplace stackexchange which had many edits and there was also an automatic message that moderator comments or discussion had been moved to chat. I was able to view the edits ...
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To cut down on comment chatter, remove support for "@" except to invite someone to comment

The most useful comments are aimed at the OP. Some of them should persist long after talk on the answer has died down. Notifications tend to suck people in who have run out of useful things to say to ...
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Could we be less aggressive about moving comments to chat?

Popular questions tend to attract a ton of comments. Example Questions on this site tend to attract more comments than on other sites because: the topics are circumstance-specific and require lots ...
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Get a Room, a Chat Room!

Get a Room, a Chat Room! Did you know it only takes 100 reputation to create a chat room on Workplace SE? It's not a moderator-only privilege, nor is it reserved only for the highest reputation users....
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What events can we schedule for Chat?

The Chat room has the amazing ability to be able to have scheduled events that overlay on the main site to encourage people to partake. The problem is we don't really seem to have anything to ...
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Brainstorming Event

I'm throwing an idea out there about an event for everyone to get together and throw ideas out there for new questions that would benefit all the users and hopefully increase some site traffic. At ...
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Hey, we've reached 90 days in beta! Party? [closed]

90 days in beta is the first serious milestone for a new Stack Exchange site, as mentioned in the Area51 proposal page. Currently our stats are: Questions per day: 3.5 Needs Work – 15 questions per ...
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Suggest regularly scheduled Chat Events

I'd like to see more people using our Chatroom. What are some chat topics we could use for Chat Events to drive some activity to chat? What would you be interested in chatting with your fellow users ...
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Don't forget we have Chat!

I've noticed something with certain questions of ours. These questions, while certainly "real problems", are generally too localized or not constructive as questions, so we can't really leave them ...
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What should the name of our chat room be? [closed]

I just used my super awesome mod powers to rename our main chatroom from the predictable and dry "The Workplace" to "The Water Cooler", on a whim. It's a cool name, suggested by Rarity, and it's a ...
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