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Unemployment and COVID-19

It's likely during the next few weeks, months, or even years there will be a large number of people that find themselves suddenly unemployed as a result of COVID-19. I think we should set up a ...
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Why was this old post turned into a Community Wiki?

I was browsing around and came to this old post, which I have seen a few times before: How should I deal with an employee who has slept with my wife? However, I happened to notice that such post is ...
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Why was this question automatically made into a community wiki?

How do you explain to your boss they're wrong without making them feel threatened? This is a pretty old question, dating back to June 2013. It got a lot of traction and is now up to 15 answers. ...
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How do I convert a question to a community wiki?

I asked 2 questions which in hindsight probbaly should be community wikis However, when I select edit, I dont get the option to convert to community wiki. Any idea why? Dealing with women (or ...
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How does the community feel about removing some community wikis?

We have a lot of answers and questions which for various reasons became community wiki over the years (variety of reasons). From here: Guidelines for un-Wikiing And that's still the case: generally-...
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Should this question be converted to Community Wiki?

Should this question be converted to Community Wiki? Boss is sending me out of state for an 8-day class. Would it look bad if I asked for an extra day to do something fun? Many of the answers and ...
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Should the community wiki status be removed from this question?

Something or other brought this old thread to my attention recently, which made me notice that it had been algorithmically converted to community wiki less than a month before that functionality was ...
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Why was this question made community wiki?

Per my understanding, conversion to community wiki does not occur automatically (anymore). But this question seems to be converted to CW after 15th answer was posted to it: Selecting interview attire ...
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Un-community wiki this question?

How can I prepare for getting hit by a bus? At some point, this question became community wiki but I don't see a compelling reason for it to remain so. Just a note, there are quite a few deleted ...
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Should we reduce the Community Wiki threshold to 10 answers?

The Workplace is naturally attractive to soft questions, and soft questions, more often than not, attract a lot of answers. That's good, but after a point answers start becoming horribly repetitive, ...
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