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(Done) Why was the question about monitoring an employees private network closed?

Can my employer legally monitor my personal network activity when I'm working from home? The question was closed as Questions seeking advice on company-specific regulations, agreements, or ...
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Why are people obsessed with closing good questions as "legal or company specific"?

In my opinion, the "legal or company specific" close reason is being abused to close any question that touches at all on a company or legality - which really is most questions. Examples are ...
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How to provide sources for "it's legal"

I did not want to discuss this topic on the question because there's already enough discussion there :) How do I provide proof or sources if my claim is "[this behavior] is perfectly legal"? If I ...
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Tag synonym: [legal] and [law]

I noticed that we have tags both for legal (189 questions) and law (73 questions). I think the two words are pretty much synonymous, so I would propose having law redirect to legal. Unfortunately I ...
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Codifying instructions for how to get a lawyer

In a recent question, one of the answers included the recommendation to essentially "get a lawyer". This spurred a discussion in the comments indicating that this advice is often included in Workplace ...
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Can we remove the legal tag?

It seems that despite the decision to ban the legal tag six years ago, it's still alive and well. The majority of questions that use this tag seem to get closed almost immediately and its continued ...
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Should "what should I do" with an answer of "consult a lawyer" be closed as a legal question?

I saw Employer wants me to write down "I accept the termination" on my termination paper was closed as being a legal question. Now the question itself doesn't ask "is this legal", which ...
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Legal questions -- again

Apparently we have a close/reopen tennis match with If my company can't make payroll on time, do I still have to work out my notice period? It was reopened following edits but I'd like to ...
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Writing quality answers related to legal advice or seeking legal advice

This is a recurring topic here but I've not seen a meta post that calls out "seek legal advice" as low quality much of the time. I would suggest the community consider this type of advice more ...
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Is this (part of an) answer really seen as legal advice?

Perhaps I shouldn't have included the caveat about legal advice in my answer to the question 'Provider is “cheating”, but I don't want to disclose how I found out'. Here's the paragaph in question: ...
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Is this question on topic? -- "Should I disclose an ongoing relationship with a former colleague who is disputing her termination?"

When should I disclose an ongoing relationship with someone who is in a legal battle with my employer? I just put this question on hold, after it had received several close votes (in addition to ...
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What criteria do we need for questions regarding the law/regulations to be allowed?

We have had multiple discussions on what constitutes legal advice here: Are employment law questions off-topic? Defining the on-topic / off-topic line on questions that could be answered by a lawyer ...
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Should we judge the ethics of a third party's behavior on the basis of a question?

This question was posted a couple days ago: How should I handle a conflict of interest of a coworker? Three of four answers stop just short of saying the CEO is a criminal: MrFox's answer if the CEO ...
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Is this question asking for legal advice?

I posted a question which was put on hold. Where exactly is this question asking for legal advice ? I have read through this entire thread and I don't see the question I ask fits even loosely as ...
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What is "legal advice"?

We say that questions asking for legal advice are off-topic (rightly so). I always thought this meant "what should I do in this situation?" (which may also be too localized), or "what exactly does ...
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What is asking for legal advice?

We have had several questions that have been closed because they had a legal component to them. But we live in a heavily regulated society so nearly every question on the site has laws that apply to ...
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