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Is creating anonymous questions disabled on purpose?

I cannot create anonymous questions anymore on The Workplace, is this intended behavior? I tried to create an incognito session in Chrome and post a question, which redirects me to the login/signup ...
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Casual sexism in The Workplace

This is not the first time I've seen a question like Casual sexism at work? receive a pile-on of comments and answers explaining to the OP that they're not really experiencing sexism (or, for bonus ...
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Why am I featured as a New contributor?

I have joined this community 2 years and 7 months ago: My first Reputation Points were earned in 17th October 2018 (through some Edits): My First Answer in this community was last week, on 7th ...
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Why is this question not showing as protected?

I put my answer as a comment here because there was no answer box, and the question was not even protected. Trying to quit smoking but co-workers want me to start again due to me being more irritable ...
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Situation Updates

A recent user asked a question about 1.5 months ago regarding his/her boss and how he/she should respond. Do I confront my boss Although the question was initially down-voted, the user received a ...
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test failed: a question from unregistered, 0-score account [duplicate]

Today, I tested posting a question from unregistered, 0-rep account: the link that I hope soon will be deleted and remain visible only to moderators and 10K users. Here is how it went: I filled the ...
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Asking Guidance Sidebar

So when a user asks a question, they get a helpful sidebar that looks like this: The things that are linked are: Meta The Help Center How to Ask Apparently I already knew this and wondered if it ...
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New Users Guide

This is a work in progress. Now that the FAQ has be changed as per this post, I think we need a guide on "how to ask a question / write an answer" section here. Also, I'm not sure how to ...