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Why is this question closed as off-topic?

Please check the question. Software developer work day productivity: Is there an ideal code editor usage percentage? After initially getting a good response, the question got targeted and closed as ...
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Instruction to reopen doesn't include "post at meta"

My impression across SE stacks is that questions get put on hold and almost never get voted to reopen. Can we have a disclaimer on closed question that gives hope to the OP, that says something like: ...
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Should this question be re-opened?

This is not a re-open request per-se, I just want to know what people think about this question. While it is asking "about a specific choice" I still think this question can be answered objectively ...
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Is adding a "(REOPENED)" prefix once a reopen request is completed a good practice?

I have noticed that when a reopen-request is carried out and the Question is finally reopened, some users edit their posts to include a "(REOPENED)" on the title of the Meta Question. I think I like ...
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Reopening accepted duplicates

It is my understanding that when someone proposed a duplicate and the OP accepts that as a duplicate that it's put on hold by Community. So if the person asking the question is calling it a duplicate ...
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Is it ok to reopen a closed question so that it can be marked as duplicate?

Steven Vascellaro posted the following comment in chat: I'd like to have my question How early should I arrive for a meeting? marked as a duplicate of What's the best time to arrive for an ...
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