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Should we adopt the Academia SE rule banning allegations about named individuals or organisations?

On the Academia SE, there is a rule banning questions that allege misconduct by named individuals or organisations, including posts that allege that the poster has performed misconduct when the user ...
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Is our policy adequate to our quality standards?

I witnessed a common phenomenomn where an objectively poor quality answer gets widely upvoted because people believe it's funny or because they approve people being salty toward OP. I identify poor ...
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2020 Moderator Nomination withdrawn by SE CM Team

For the sake of transparency, I wanted to let people know that I've just received an email that my nomination from has been withdrawn. Here's the text ...
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How should we handle references to usernames of deleted accounts?

Some answers include the asker's username, particularly on questions asking about how to write an email. If the account gets deleted later, what should we do with the username in the answers? If the ...
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Why was the question on eating coworkers' lunch deleted?

The question Should I tell coworkers I have been eating their lunch due to a misunderstanding? has been recently deleted. I did call that question a "troll" in the past, but I changed my attitude ...
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Is starting a comment of with -1 no longer considered a violation of be nice?

I have recently had a couple flags denied for these comments. Last I knew this was considered rude and a violation of the be nice policy. Has this changed? Should I stop flagging comments that start ...
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Is calling someone a "troll" against the Be Nice policy

Does being referred to as a troll or describing a person's behavior as trolling break the Be Nice policy? Specifically, does it constitute name-calling and assuming bad intentions?
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8 votes
4 answers

Can we make the policy "Be Nice and Helpful"

From the dawn of this site we have struggled with problems conflict arising from different viewpoints and comment discussions that often digress into little more than ad hominem attacks. Most of ...
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Shame on us! We must treat new users better! This user was not attempting to ask bad questions or question on how to exploit or get around the system. He was asking questions about ...
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Public service announcement: Keeping the Workplace Professional

Be nice. Stack Exchange has a Be Nice policy. The Workplace is no exception to this policy. Lately we moderators have been spending a lot of time dealing with comments and posts including such ...
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How best to help people who are stuck reasoning about workplace issues?

I see quite a few questions like this one: (Please note: I'm not appealing this particular close ...
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Personal Advice

I'm noticing a significant number of questions (e.g. this one and this one) that seem to be asking for advice so tailored to the questioners situation that they are essentially personal advice. Other ...
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How does this site generate revenue?

I don't see any ads or similar revenue generating materials anywhere in the page. So I am wondering, where does the money come in for maintaining this page? I saw sections about hiring employees, but ...
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How is this "not a real question"?

How can I transition from freelancing back to the Corporate Workplace? I wrote the text specifically to make the query clearer by breaking it down into the 3 bullet points. It had a couple days to ...
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Is it acceptable in the workplace to ask for critique of resumes or cover letters? As long as all personal information is removed?

I just would like to know if it is acceptable use of this site to have resumes or cover letters critiqued with of course all the personal information removed. Is that acceptable use of this site?
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Are questions of law ("is X legal?") questions off topic?

Prompted by Are digitally signed documents legally binding? - to which the only answer I can give is "It depends on your jurisdiction!", and related to Are employment law questions off-topic?: do we ...
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