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Why did the system identify this question as spam?

I was visiting the review queue when this question How does one operate in an "Dark Scrum" environment? came up with the note Our system has identified this post as possible spam; please ...
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Do we still need the lower threshold for spam/rude deletions?

On most sites on the network, it takes six red flags (spam or rude) to delete a question or answer. In December 2016, two sites that were getting a lot of spam had the threshold lowered from six to ...
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Why was my answer deleted as spam / offensive?

I want the following answer undeleted as it clearly and demostrabely is not what it is falsely accused of ! I have not used offensive ...
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Temporary Anti-Spam measures are now in place

So you've been getting hammered. While we very much appreciate all of the hard work everyone has been doing to keep things clean, we feel like we should be making it easier for you. Hence, effective ...
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Importance of flagging spam instead of editing it out or voting to close

The Workplace gets a fair amount of spam every day. According to this listing there are at least 2-3 spam posts on here every day. In general, the way to deal with spammers is to flag and destroy ...
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