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Get a Room, a Chat Room!

Get a Room, a Chat Room! Did you know it only takes 100 reputation to create a chat room on Workplace SE? It's not a moderator-only privilege, nor is it reserved only for the highest reputation users....
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One user seem to be posting from (at least) four accounts, please help to sort it out

It looks like an (unexperienced?) user creates new account each time they lose prior one. Accounts that seem to be their are: https://workplace....
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Edit did not correct critical issues with the post - I disagree This edit just got rejected. The 'Community' user cited a strange reason, which I think doesn't apply: This edit did not correct ...
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Are all the questions gone?

Is it just me, or are others seeing 0 Questions on the main site this morning? Other StackExchange sites seem normal. Are there problems only with Workplace?
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I would like to dispute my post being marked as a duplicate

I asked a question about my resume saying that I'm over-qualified but that due to illness, I'm not able to meet the requirements of jobs I've held in the past. It didn't fit into the "how do you ...
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How come there are 5 Workplace questions in the hot list?

Over the last two days I've observed that there are 5 Workplace questions in the Hot Network Questions list. Given that list contains 100 questions and there are more than 100 sites in SE network, ...
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Design Guidance for Community Promotion Ads

For those who are going to submit images for Community Promotion Ads, I figured that I would share some info to make things easier for you. I am basing everything off the original image added by Grace ...
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Workplace SE on phone suddenly not going to mobile site?

When reading Workplace SE on my phone, previously it would always go to the mobile site. However, yesterday something seemed to have changed and now it goes to the full site every time, which is ...
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(Done) Can we reopen the zhuzh question?

This question Work place appearance - zhuzh it up a bit was unclear. And VtCs came it. And then the OP answered the questions for clarification and did provide her country and workplace circumstances. ...
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How to make the question about when recruiters should call candidates clear again?

When should recruiters call candidates instead of emailling? Two person (Daniel, Lilienthal) agree that this question can be reopen if there is some improvements. Which bits are unclear, and how to ...
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I can't ask another question is something wrong?

According to the site I've asked 4 questions that weren't received well by the community and so I can't post another question for four days. But I checked my profile, and I only have one question ...
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Can we do something to inform users on "accepting" answers?

Too often in this board, there are good answers given with tons of upvotes, but the questioner rarely accepts the answer as the accepted answer, resulting in the person answering losing lots of ...
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Why is this question closed as off-topic?

Please check the question. Software developer work day productivity: Is there an ideal code editor usage percentage? After initially getting a good response, the question got targeted and closed as ...