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Double THE template issue

Is the double the from the inbox notification (pictured below) a template issue or are we rolling with it?
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Why is this question not showing as protected?

I put my answer as a comment here because there was no answer box, and the question was not even protected. Trying to quit smoking but co-workers want me to start again due to me being more irritable ...
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Can we make the accepted answer check mark greener?

Can we make it greener, or make the colour of the voting button a different colour entirely? I thought I had seen an accepted answer on question because my down vote blue is not that far off from ...
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Please change the visited link color

Riddle: "Detect the visited link". I know this partially depends on monitor settings and quality, but a better contrast between the colors of ordinary text and visited links would be appreciated.
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Features that should be pushed a bit more

I just now discovered that if you click on the actual vote total of a question (between the up/down arrows) it gives a breakdown of the total vote amounts in each direction. I had no clue this was ...
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Am I the only one really annoyed by the new chat feature [closed]

where the site keeps asking me if I want to chat with an expert? Maybe there should be something between being bothered every few minutes and never seeing it again.
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