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What Is Up With Voting in "Workplace"?

I'm on a number of forums and I have to say that Workplace has the most insane voting patterns of all the forums. I'm all for some downvoting when needed, but I see a lot of questions with heavy ...
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Why are there delete votes on my question?

My question here: has 2 delete ...
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Can I get my upvote unlocked?

I was just looking through my rep list and I noticed a ding of -1. Apparently for this answer, which I'm pretty sure I upvoted originally, because I literally say that in the comments. Somehow some ...
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15 votes
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Voting for re-opening after having edited a closed question. Is that OK?

The question in question: My area of expertise at a new job is apparently being outsourced The comments indicate the lack of an explicit question as the closing reason. Personally, I felt there was ...
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Things to be careful about after 10000+ rep?

I recently passed the 10000 rep threshold. Are there now things to be more careful of/pay attention to, e.g. because flags and votes have more impact?
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3 answers

How to handle answers that are high risk to the OP?

I responded to this question: How to take vacation days within first year without looking like a slacker and after reflecting on my own response, and others that were much more popular, I think the ...
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Request for hot question vote statistics

Can we get data similar to one quoted here but closer approximating hot questions, that is limited to ones with over 1-2K views? And preferably not limited to 180 days. Asked here per advice at MSE. ...
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Reason for downvoting should always be clarified in order to help improve question

I suppose this may belong to meta but I am unable to post there, so please move it there if you have the permissions to do so I have been following this site for a few months and also asked a couple ...
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The workplace has invisible upvote and downvote buttons sometimes?

I am not a "The workplace stack exchange" user, but I visit it sometimes when there are hot questions from the site on the side bar. Sometimes I have found that the upvote and downvote buttons do not ...
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Community Outreach: Be more liberal with Voting!

I currently think of questions and answers as having three 'states'. Good This question is on topic, well thought out, properly articulated and is not a poll or trying to incite discussion This ...
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20 votes
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We need to downvote answers more (even mediocre ones)

I propose that: This site's core users MUST much more frequently downvote answers even if they are "only" mediocre or we are going to face a consistent decrease in quality because (each of these is ...
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Unupvoted answer

One of my answers just got un-upvoted. That's fine, I have no problem with that. However, I am aware that there are restrictions on retracting votes based on how long it has been since either the vote ...
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Vote Early, Vote Often

This is a reproduction of a moderator's (Richard) post on meta.hermeneutics.SE; I believe it is very much applicable to this community as well. Richard wrote a post encouraging voting. I think this is ...
10 votes
1 answer

A guide to moderating yourself - close voting

On other sites (particularly Programmers) we have learnt that unless the community gets involved in voting to close it can cause friction between the regular users and moderators. So in an effort to ...
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