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I despise “The Workplace” thanks to the admins who move comments to chat If I understand correctly, you don't like the fact that comments are not permanent. You might get a better reception … to blame the admins who are just doing what they are instructed to do with comments. Personally, I agree with you that comments should be permanent, and I believe I've mentioned that in the past …
answered Nov 21 '16 by Joe Strazzere
Are valuable comments being hidden? Yes, some valuable comments are certainly being hidden. If I understand the behavior once a question has 2 answers, all new comments are hidden until they … gain at least one upvote. Certainly some of those new comments are valuable, and being hidden makes them less likely to gain a vote and thus become visible. …
answered Sep 11 '14 by Joe Strazzere
Do you leave fewer comments? More? No difference? No difference as far as leaving comments. If I feel a comment is warranted (in order to clarify the question or answer), I leave one as I always … have. Some are getting hidden due to this new UI behavior, but I still provide the comments anyway. One thing I am now doing is going back and deleting all my comments a day or two after leaving …
answered Sep 11 '14 by Joe Strazzere
I like to delete comments after a few days, so that I don't contribute to our "Comments Problem". But I can't delete any comment when the associated question is On Hold or locked. Thus, I end up … with a batch of un-deletable comments like Could Wearing My Star of David Be Bad for Career?. I'm wondering why the delete feature works this way? A bug? A feature? Can it be changed? Seems odd to me. …
asked Nov 4 '15 by Joe Strazzere
Do you think this would help ease the conflict over comments? Hard to tell. If the core problem is the "number of comments" - then hiding many of them probably won't help. If the core problem … is that the "wrong kind of comments" are being posted (ie, random, parenthetical asides) - then hiding many of them probably won't help. If the core problem is that people should be using Chat rather …
answered Aug 12 '14 by Joe Strazzere
I completely agree with @aroth. The label "add comment" causes people to react the same way they do at every other site - they leave a comment. If this were happening only rarely, then it would be re …
answered Jul 11 '14 by Joe Strazzere
I see no reason for the excessive down voting of the duplicates. I've never understood the motivation for downvoting in many cases. But I don't see this series of questions as any more excessive …
answered Sep 8 '15 by Joe Strazzere
Since users appear to want to be chatty, make it easier for them to chat. Right now, users are forced to leave the Question/Answer UI and figure out how the chat system works. Too much work; not wort …
answered Jul 11 '14 by Joe Strazzere