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There is a suggestion to pin the accepted answer below the top voted answer. That system might give an advantage to the accepted answer over other highly scored answers, but the top voted answer would always "float to the top". I'd like to know if anyone thinks that would be worth testing. We may not be able to choose that option for this effort, ...


By tag badges Order answers by the most applicable tag badges of the answerers.


By rep. Order answers by the answerers reputation.


I, personally and for vindictive reasons, love winning the populist badge. Nothing is more satisfying than having an answer show up with double the votes as the accepted answer. It also puts up a clear comparison between the two. All kidding aside, it does make for a considerable contrast, and it often demonstrates a user seeking validation vs a user ...


Unpin the accepted answer The accepted answer shouldn't get special treatment; it should be sorted as it would have been if it hadn't been accepted.


Pin the accepted answer Keep things the way they are; it works fine.


Don't Care I have no preference. It either makes no difference to me whether the accepted answer is pinned, or I think we should do something other than choosing between pinned or unpinned.


Can we just get rid of the accepted answer altogether? In other Stacks it makes perfect sense. You have a question. You try the different answers. One of them works. That's your accepted answer. But with The Workplace content, there are often a whole bunch of "correct" answers, a whole bunch of answers that may give you sub-optimal outcomes, and a ...


Before getting rid of the tag we should address each of the questions to make sure the tags they are left with make sense. This may require that each question be re-tagged. If this is done correctly then the tag will have no questions remaining, or a core group of questions that will make it easy to write a tag wiki.


Some clusters of questions cover: Work interruptions/distractions and maintaining focus (productivity) Finding work meaningful, not being bored (work/life balance) Social interactions with colleagues (professionalism, company-culture) Personal conflicts with colleagues, managing stressful work situations (conflict) In my opinion, this is too many different ...

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