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Codifying instructions for how to get a lawyer

but no further details on how "get a lawyer" could be accomplished. I think that no further details are given because no one can tell how you can get a lawyer. It's not like we can share a ...
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Legal questions -- again

My view is based on What criteria do we need for questions regarding the law/regulations to be allowed? which I still think reflects our community consensus. Quoting from there: If a workplace ...
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4 votes

Can we remove the legal tag?

Apparently it was removed back then. It came back a bit under three years ago and now has the following wiki excerpt: Questions involving local labour laws or about working within the legal system ...
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3 votes

Legal questions -- again

I'm going to argue on-topic, but for the same reason that Philip Kendall says it's off-topic. HR typically needs to have a reasonable understanding of local labor law, e.g. to figure out when someone ...
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Should "what should I do" with an answer of "consult a lawyer" be closed as a legal question?

As the one who asked the question I think it's important that comments like "consult a lawyer" are handled neutral for those two reasons: Maybe the one who asked the question doesn't even realizes ...
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How to provide sources for "it's legal"

How would I provide sources for a statement like "wearing pants to work is perfectly legal"? You should not engage in these discussions on Workplace@SE. It is off-topic, requires much more details ...
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How to provide sources for "it's legal"

For the others, this is about this answer. @OP: I assume you've seen the top-voted answer there. It points to a specific legal document confirming this request is legal. As my comments mentioned you ...
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Why are people obsessed with closing good questions as "legal or company specific"?

I think there’s a range of how people read questions that stretches from “The question asks this and that is what answers should limit themselves to” to “The question asks this, but I think they ...
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Should "what should I do" with an answer of "consult a lawyer" be closed as a legal question?

Closing a question based the answers it may generate has merit when it comes to obviously opinion-based or direct-legal questions. However, if a question could legitimately generate other types of ...
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Legal questions -- again

I see many questions closed because they touch on aspects of law, even though there are many helpful answers which stop short of legal advice. The answers often aren't obvious until they're posted, so ...
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Writing quality answers related to legal advice or seeking legal advice

In most cases, anything that needs significant legal input would be better asked elsewhere -- possibly in the Law area of Stack Exchange, probably of an actual lawyer familiar with both statute and ...
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