I think it should be returned. As it stands, the question makes no sense at all. It asks "How can I avoid discrimination?" but gives absolutely no indication of why, or how, for what reason there would be any discrimination against the asker. I don't think you can reasonably answer the question until you know how the asker is being discriminated against.


As the question stands now it looks ridiculous, as it basically says "How can I prevent discrimination against me by using things about me that people might discriminate against." We have seen NUMEROUS questions about women facing discrimination, minorities facing discrimination, but apparently nobody outside a protected class can face discrimination. ...


Here's actually the issue I have. It's not so much as that it was edited (because Richard ultimately kept part of it and it's his intent on which approval is based) but that the editor actually submitted an even more aggressive version of the edit a day later. I thought I (and another) had rejected it but maybe the system glitched, but no. https://...


I rolled it back to the version. There are a few meta posts on this now (this one, and this one) a blatant rollback seems a bit inappropriate. I put a comment on the question to direct future users considering rollback to first consider the meta discussions.

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