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I'd say post it. Obviously the nature of the behaviour may or may not make it suitable. Just two examples: Ex-Boss withholding final paycheck - probably workplace Ex-Boss is stalking me - probably not workplace Worst thing is the question gets closed. You will not get censured for posting in this type of grey area.


This question should remain/be closed. Almost all dress-code questions are going to be very specific to: the country they work in, more specifically, the city or town they work in (if not also the part of the town they work in), the industry the work in, their role in the company (which takes into account which responsibilities that role has, the general ...


I'd wish we'd be much more harsh on people posting overly broad, quora-like questions, hoping to receive hundred contradicting questions, and pick up one that amuses them at most as accepted. Stack exchange sites won't profit from such kind of questions. And it's really a boommer, that in the first version even country tag was missing. Please never make me a ...


Okay, Yes, because it is answerable I've worked every kind of job from the mop to the top, and other than certain industries that chase trends, it's a no go. The workplace is not fashion-forward. There are a few industries where pretty much anything goes, but those are outliers. More to the point, Most blue collar jobs, if someone showed up wearing nail ...

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