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The criteria should not be, how stupid is the OP, or how ridiculous assumptions he made, but can the question be objectively answered, and will the answer profit future visitors. The question can be stated as, how the companies hiring for remote position prevent from being frauded. And the answer is, that either they hire for contracts, where they can pay ...


Flag for mod attention, downvote, and vote to close and/or delete. Answering bad questions - troll questions for sure, and anything where the poster does not really have that problem - is not helpful. If someone really has a related real question later they should post it, and clarify it, and provide useful vote/accept activity - all of which tends to a ...


The answers are to the questions. Your answer is about the mental health issue (imo quitting is a good option for that). I'm not really sure about it because over here PTSD is an extreme diagnosis usually for victims of something horrific and violent. I'm assuming it means something else in the users locale or the doctor would already have told the OP to get ...


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