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What Is Up With Voting in "Workplace"?

If you're talking about questions where there's a genuine issue at hand that isn't a troll question or otherwise poorly posed question, there's a natural reason for it. People sometimes field "...
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Voting for re-opening after having edited a closed question. Is that OK?

but am I 'allowed' to vote for re-opening; I have the ability - but should I exercise it? Yes. That's basically the standard protocol. Thanks for taking the time to attempt to improve the question....
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What Is Up With Voting in "Workplace"?

Some of this, it seems to me, is the nature of the site. On some of the more technical sites, there are questions where only a handful of people in the world may be able to answer. In fact, sometimes ...
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How to handle answers that are high risk to the OP?

Ah the good old Hot Network Questions Welcome to the populist swamp that The Workplace becomes when it ends up on the Hot Network Questions. You'll find that in many cases, answers on HNQs tend to get ...
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Can I get my upvote unlocked?

Is it possible to reset my vote on that answer so I can properly upvote it? It would be if the post got edited, moment in which you would be able to re-cast your vote on the answer. However, editing ...
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Things to be careful about after 10000+ rep?

Congratulations! I don't think much changes about the tools you previously had access to. You should vote, review, close/reopen, edit, comment, and flag the same as you did before. Your flags don't ...
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What Is Up With Voting in "Workplace"?

I started to write a comment on another answer but realized my thoughts might be worthy of their own answer. Basically, I think @BoogaRoo is more or less correct that downvotes often happen because ...
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How to handle answers that are high risk to the OP?

I disagree with your chatacterization of the answers as being high risk. While it is true that some organizations have a culture of no time off, violating that cultural expectation is unlikely to ...
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