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I use Microsoft SQL Server in the "Wrong" way, I get it to do things that it isn't "Supposed" to do, and solve problems that aren't supposed to be solved with it. Many closed-minded IT people can't get on board with this as it shakes their worldview of things being done "Correctly".

Most people don't realise that a SQL Server box and some basic internet infrastructure is pretty much all you need to run your entire business. You don't need a Linux machine, you don't need a Message Queue, you don't need any "Services" and you certainly don't need "Docker".

SQL Server can send automated emails, perform the task of a scripting and automation engine, run test scripts, host all of the data for your applications, Query data from external APIs, send commands to external APIs, run a report server, perform file transfers, run Python scripts, run Powershell scripts and so much more.

I despise SSIS and never use it. I try to solve any problem with a combination of SQL Server Stored Procedures and SQL Agent Jobs. I believe that there is no automated task that you could possibly want to achieve that cannot be done with SQL Server in this way.

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